Headwaters is a vertically integrated real estate owner/developer specializing in for-rent communities that empower 55+ active adults to live better. From land acquisition through development and operation, we oversee the entire life cycle of our projects, optimizing them for maximum efficiency and impact.

Headquartered in Denver, we acquire communities across the US and develop communities primarily in the Western United States.

Our why

Improve our community through customer-focused real estate and operational solutions.

Our vision

There’s a better way to age.

We help people live better by curating quality communities that match their lifestyle and values at an attainable price.

When you put people first, great things follow.

We don’t prescribe solutions; we work with residents and communities to understand what they need and want from their housing. We treat people like we’d want to be treated, and we deliver places we’d be proud to live.

Communities geared towards 55+ active adults are good investments.

We are revolutionizing housing for 55+ active adults. Through our model, we’re demonstrating that quality, attainable housing can be both good for communities and profitable for our investors. 

We do it differently.

We help more people live better.

We curate for-rent housing for 55+ active adults to match their lifestyle, location and values at an attainable price.

We are addressing a massive gap in the housing market.

There is a large and growing need in the market for rental housing that caters to the needs and wants of 55+ active adults.

We oversee the entire project lifecycle.

From land acquisition through development and operation, we optimize each of our projects for efficiency and maximum impact.

Our Partnerships

Residents & Communities

We design age-restricted communities with age 55+ active adults in mind.         


We work with institutional investors who understand the opportunity in the active adult market.

Land Sellers, Brokers, & Developers

We are actively looking for project sites/land and bring the capabilities to take projects through the entire life cycle, from land acquisition through development, operation and disposition.

Cities & Municipalities

We build the infrastructure for stronger communities. We are partners to cities and municipalities in meeting the growing need for well-designed, attainable for-rent housing for age 55+ active adults.

Best-In-Class Partners

We’ve developed strong working relationships with respected leaders in commercial real estate and active adult living – from investors to property management teams.